About Us

State of the art equipment. Cutting edge techniques. On-site service.

Providing Expert & Honest Service For Over 20 Years

Our History

Chris Linam, owner of Linam Mobile Diagnostics, began his career in the auto repair business at the age of 18. He worked for an auto garage while he completed his Associates in Automotive Technology from Westark (now UAFS) then proceeded to open his own garage repair shop at the age of 20.

Linam Auto Repairs was in business for 19 years; he closed the shop to go back to college for an engineering degree. Chris earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UA Fayetteville in 2011. 

Our Service

In 2011 he started up his mobile diagnostic business. As a mobile diagnostic technician, Chris travels in his work van (loaded with his testing equipment) and visits auto shops that do not have the capability of diagnosing computer systems in used cars. Some repairs he will handle himself (they provide all parts needed) and in other situations he will simply instruct the mechanics in the shop about how to fix the problems. Chris works within a 50 mile radius of Fort Smith. Auto shops may also drop cars off at his garage location 7423 Hwy 271 South Bldg 120, Fort Smith, AR 72908 for him to diagnose issues or recalibrate radar systems and make repairs.

Mobile Diagnostics Professional

What is a “Mobile Diagnostics Professional” (MDP)? An MDP is a technician/business owner who owns a van or truck stocked with OEM scan tools, oscilloscopes, PCs and other diagnostics and programming equipment. He uses this truck full of resources to provide his client shops with diagnostics and programming services. Most mobile diagnostics professionals do not perform repairs.

The majority of the Mobile Diagnostics Professionals are “Business to Business” entities and as such do not perform diagnostics and programming directly for the general public. The Mobile Diagnostics Professional is a sublet service hired by a repair shop.

A Mobile Diagnostics Professional solves the issues of staffing, training, and software licenses. 

Happy Customers

“He arrived exactly on time, did the work very quickly, was pleasant and knowledgeable and the price was $100 less than what we were quoted by another company. He also told us that the recommended service from the first quoted place was not necessary which saved us even more money. We will definitely be using Linam Mobile Diagnostics for all our cars!”

– John Farr

The check engine light was always flashing. No one could figure it out. Called Linam Mobile Diagnostics. Chris came said it was a common problem. Did oil change and test drive. Told me I needed a vcc cylonide, or something like that…..can’t remember exactly what it was. He replaced this little part for $300 and now the car runs great and our customer is thrilled with us!!!! Will refer everyone I know who has car trouble to Chris and his team.

 – Paul Mendez 

Mobile Auto Diagnostics and Repair 

All on site and for a reasonable price, so you don’t have to take the vehicle out of your shop. This eliminates the need for your shop to spend money on all new diagnostic software.